A Celebration of Love

The registered Diamaid® jewelry brand has converted the A Celebration of Love registered design into a shimmering array of designer jewelry to Celebrate Love all year round.

My Story

After being in the United States for a while, as a young homesick student, I heard the phrase "two hearts are better than one". It immediately reminded me of my childhood, while ill or distraught, my mother holding me in her arms. My mother's steady comforting heartbeat, intertwined with my fearful fluttering heart gave me heavenly peace. Many years later.

A Celebration of Love

The Story of two ®

I created InterTwine  to embody the entire "two hearts are better than one" sentence. I then designed the USA registered double heart image. Also, I created the  USA registered CZ jewelry brand Diamaid and partnered with a fine jewelry manufacture from Qingdao, China to produce the shimmering A Celebration of Love double heart jewelry, flexible in colors to be used throughout the entire year celebrating the love of Valentines, Mother's Day, Americana, Holidays, Birthstones, Inspirational, LGBTQ, etc.


Additionally, the double heart image is also USA registered brand for sportswear/activewear called InterTwine, dovetailing with Celebration of Love
jewelry products.
We would like to offer you the use or ownership of our intellectual properties, as we design and manufacture our jewelry for your use. Also open for discussions.
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