American Cuff®

Our USA-registered American Cuff brand unites both basic and French cuffs into one shirt sleeve.

American Cuff®

Throughout the century’s men’s long sleeve shirt cuffs have evolved where today, with some variations, there are two: Basic button-down cuff and of course French cuff. Our USA-registered American Cuff brand unites both cuffs into one basic shirt sleeve. As a shirt brand, the American Cuff brand name will create curiosity and garner immediate interest by all consumers. And they will not be disappointed.

Using our USA registered brand Cuffers, a man will be able to upgrade the appearance of his American Cuff long sleeve shirt sleeve or using our Cuffings, created solely for American Cuff brand shirt sleeve, to emulate the French Cuff attitude.

Cuffers and Cuffings

Registered Cuffers as well as Cuffings are designed, created, and manufactured in our own factory, using our smooth “inlaid enamel” manufacturing process to color co-ordinate with any men’s solid color shirtor color and pattern in any men’s shirt.

We would like to offer the use or purchase of brand name American Cuff, while we design and produce Cuffers, Cuffings, and No Hole Magnetic Tie-Tags for your use, in our own jewelry factory located in Qingdao, China. Also, open for any business discussions.

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