A Symbol of Life

OprahHeart is inspired by Oprah's positive influence on women. Oprah's’ presence in the life of the American public, especially in the hearts of American women cannot be put into words.

The Story of
Two Hearts are Better Than One

I created InterTwine® to embody the entire "two hearts" sentence, flexible in colors to be used with any occasion.

Next, I designed a double heart image. While designing products for the Trademark double heart, I was inspired and wrote a poem about two hearts. Eventually, as I was writing lyrics extracted from the poem for a song, I realized that I was quoting Oprah's famous line of "live your best life".

Then it happened.

The Story of OprahHeart

Oprah ends with H and heart starts with H. Wow! What is more appropriate than to use the registered  logo for the lady that has such a positive influence on women. Her presence in the life of the American public, especially in the hearts of American women and women worldwide, cannot be put into words.


Message Watch

From all suggested designs, I produced a uniquely constructed collectors watch under OprahHeart and give all 25 message watches to Oprah absolutely free of charge. The difficulties of COVID-19 created a big monetary shortage at Food Bank of NWI located in Merrillville, Indiana. I am hoping that Oprah accepts the watches and gives them to her friends in exchange for a tax-deductible donation and sends 100% of all proceeds to the Food Bank of NWI directly.

Complete Disclaimer

I make absolutely NO claim/claims to the name Oprah, or the word OprahHeart, or the manner is used in any way, any manner creating a word or words with Oprah, or anything related or relating to the name Oprah and www.oprahheart.com. All designs/words using the registered in conjunction with the name Oprah are just creative suggestions to a lady who creates a positive atmosphere in the lives and hearts of all Americans.